DO YOU know your Drowzees from your Zubats? Chances are, no matter where you’ve been recently you won’t have been able to avoid hearing about the latest mobile gaming craze sweeping the nation: Pokémon Go!

And now you can hunt them down in West Fife libraries.

For those not in the Pokémon Go-know, it is a free-to-play augmented reality game in which players can roam the streets trying to collect and train cartoon creatures with a swipe of their smartphone.

Pokémon are ‘planted’ on maps using GPS and they can be caught using Pokéballs which, when they run out, can be restocked at Pokéstops.

Now, libraries throughout Fife serve as Pokéstops. And, as the venues also offer free wifi, users can play their favourite game at length without worrying about using up all their mobile data.

Duloch library is just one of the Fife Cultural Trust facilities teeming with wild Pokémon. Many venues also have gyms nearby that you can visit to stock up on items for battle.

To access free wifi all you need is a library membership. New library users are always welcome and can register with any Fife Cultural Trust library in person or online via the Fife Direct website: