RESIDENTS looking out of their window were shocked by the antics of an IT specialist who spent his lunch hour dressing up as a woman and clamping a sex toy between his legs.

John Clayton Suares drove to what he thought was a “quiet spot” and got out of his car in broad daylight wearing a short black tutu skirt, red tights and a wig.

However, his chosen spot in Inverkeithing was a residential area and alarmed locals called the police when Suares removed his wig and drove off.

When police stopped his car two days later, they found the female clothing he had been wearing as well as sex toys.

Suares, 42, of Lairds Hill Court, Kilsyth, admitted previously that on March 28 at Ballast Bank, Inverkeithing, he committed an act of public indecency by holding a sex aid between his legs whilst dressed in female clothing.

He appeared in the dock at Dunfermline Sheriff Court for sentencing wearing a suit, shirt and tie.

Depute fiscal Craig Donald said the incident occurred at around 1.40pm when two residents looked out of their window and saw what they thought was a female sitting on a metal fence next to the embankment.

Suares was wearing a grey long-sleeve top, a short black tutu skirt and red tights, said the depute.

The witnesses saw Suares had a sex aid held between his legs. He then removed his wig and drove off in his blue Mazda car. The registration number was noted and the police contacted.

On March 30, police officers spotted the car being driven on the A985 at Kincardine and stopped Suares.

“There was a search of the vehicle conducted and they found the clothes he had been wearing at the time of the offence as well as a number of sex aids,” added the depute.

After being charged and asked if wanted to make a statement, Suares said: “Just that it wasn’t a sexual act. I was cross-dressing and I was fully dressed. My genitals were not exposed at any time.”

Sarah Meehan said her client was a first offender and his behaviour was “totally out of character”.

“He’s extremely embarrassed to find himself in court.”

Sheriff Charles Macnair asked: “Why Inverkeithing?”

Ms Meehan replied: “He works in this area. He has a full-time post in IT. At the time of this incident he was on his lunch break.”

The solicitor said after medical problems there was a strain on her client’s marriage and “He found behaving in this way was a way of dealing with stress.”

She added: “He did not appreciate there would be anyone to witness his conduct." The solicitor recognised the offence was “alarming and serious”.

Sheriff Macnair told Suares: “What you choose to wear is your own affair but you conducting this sort of offence must have been very disturbing for the witnesses.

“You did this when being overlooked by residential properties and I don’t know why you would have thought you were doing this in private.”

He deferred sentence for a year for Suares to be of good behaviour.