FAMILIES have called for action over a dangerous Rosyth road they say is unsafe for pedestrians accessing Sainsbury's.

Campaigners say pedestrians walking onto a section of the road at Brankholm Brae, Camdean, are putting themselves in danger because there is no access over a burn.

Concerns were raised a year ago but still no solution has been found, despite a number of "near misses".

Ron Evans, of Daniel Place, said: "After you leave the grassed area you have no alternative but to walk on a very busy road to cross the burn before you enter a safe area again.

"It is only a matter of time before some person is going to be either severely injured or killed in this area.

"Both my wife and I have had near misses on a number of occasions."

The Press reported last year that residents were reassured that safe routes would be created as part of a multi-million pound development in Camdean.

Councillor Sharron Wilson believes a solution is long overdue and said: "This really demands immediate attention – a walkway or bridge over the burn is a desperately-needed safety measure.

"I have seen young mums, joggers and dog-walkers have to step out onto a road where there is poor visibility and where cars often speed.

MP Douglas Chapman is also backing Councillor Wilson's call.

Development plans covering the area set out proposals to create a network of paths, including a detailed application for a new bridge over the burn that has been submitted in the last few days.

Mary Stewart, Fife Council service manager, said: "The developer has planning permission in place which includes new footpath links as part of the development.

"However, the permission is in the process of being modified and the new permission can't be issued until a legal agreement is concluded.

"The new permission will oblige the developer to finish the footpath as soon as possible."

The council said that, in the meantime, a path has been provided via the existing bridge over the burn.

Kapital development owner Keith Punler said: "Our intention has always been to add a network of paths across the development but planning permission was declined after six Camdean residents rejected the proposals.

"A new application has now been repeated which detailed the intended footpaths from the original application."