AN EXHIBITION highlighting the pain and hopes of Syrian refugee children has arrived in Dunfermline.

The exhibition, entitled 'From Syria with Love', was organised by a Syrian student living in the UK, and a Syrian mother of four, with support from the Fife Migrants Forum.

Drawings from Syrian children from the age of six to 16 will be on display at Duloch Library in Dunfermline, with library members able to check out books about Syria and refugees as well.

Lesley Ratomska, volunteer for Fife Migrants Forum, said: "Like many people, I was touched by the media reporting of the Syrian refugees in the Lebanon refugee camp. I wanted to do something practical to help people in Fife understand their situation. This seems an ideal opportunity."

The eight artworks were drawn by children who live in a refugee camp in Lebanon and every piece reflects the trauma the young people have gone through or a drawing of hope or optimism.

Alongside each picture will be the name of the artist and a brief statement on that child's dream. The children all live within four small refugee camps near the Lebanon city of Chtaura.

Baraa Ehssan Kouja, the 28-year-old student behind the project said: "This is an opportunity for ordinary Syrians to tell their stories through art, and for ordinary Fifers to develop a fuller understanding of what Syrian refugees are facing. There is a lost generation of Syrian children growing up in refugee camps in the Middle East and in Syria itself, children losing out on education, on their roots, on the basic human right to grow up in peace and safety. Syrian kids, like kids in Dunfermline, need to laugh, to draw, to play to learn."

The exhibition will run until Sunday, October 23.