A FORMER Guinness World Records holder is switching his drumsticks for golf clubs as he looks to coach future Ryder Cup stars in Dunfermline.

In 1993, Carl Williams became the World's Fastest Drummer after hitting 400 drums in 20.50 seconds, but his focus now lies on fairways and greens.

Carl has had a passion for golf from a young age, but he had to put it to one side to focus on a drumming career which would take him all over the world. However, since retiring and stepping away from the drums, he is now starting junior and family golf coaching sessions at Queen Anne High School, with at least nine years of Professional Golfers' Association coaching in the bag.

Carl, 49, told the Press: "I've now retired from drumming and I want to put everything into golf now. I've had great coaches for 9 years and I've been fortunate to have the best of the best and learned from the top guys.

"I'm very much a community person and I want to encourage more families to play golf and enjoy it as part of the community and just have fun with it.

"I want to get people out of their house and into the community. I want Mum and Dad to get involved and take part as well and not just sit in the car waiting on their kids to finish. I want everyone to come and play. It helps everyone if the atmosphere is good and everyone is enjoying themselves.

"I'm also keen to reach out to those with disabilities and mental health issues as well as golf should be available for anyone who wants to play and have fun doing so."

Carl has worked with PGA coach Donald Machar and PGA instructor Robert Hunter, whilst receiving support from Queen Anne High School Community Head Scott Fenton, who has backed Carl's ideas going forward, no matter how ambitious.

He has big plans for the area and is hoping to open a Dunfermline golf academy in years to come. He does admit that while it may seem a bold project, he sees no reason why steps can't be taken to make it a reality.

He said: "We have some great courses in the area and I'd love to see an academy of sorts set up. With more finance and some backing why can't Dunfermline have one?"

Free taster sessions will run for two weeks from Saturday October 29 from 11.00am - 1.00pm, in the form of four 30 minute group sessions for a family of four. Sessions can be booked by phoning Scott Fenton on: 01383 602 351.

Those who express a keen interest to continue with the sport can book further lessons, with the idea of taking those interested to the Par 3 course in Xcite Bathgate to aid their progress and development.