DUNFERMLINE man Andrew Wilson was warned drinking four bottles of Buckfast a day was "not conducive to a long life" when he appeared at Dunfermline Sheriff Court this week.

Sheriff Charles Macnair issued the stark warning when Wilson, 39, of Cleish Place, appeared for sentencing after earlier admitting having a knife in his possession without reasonable excuse or lawful authority at Dunfermline Cemetery on June 24.

Depute fiscal Kiran Uppal said police were called by ambulance staff who were attending to Wilson as he had taken an overdose. 

He had not been aggressive towards the ambulance staff and when police arrived, they found the knife – which had a three-inch blade – in Wilson's rucksack.

Defence solicitor Abbie McMurtie said her client accepted full responsibility for the incident. "He is extremely remorseful and appreciates the position he put medical staff in," she said. "He informed them right away that he had a knife in his possession."

She added that Wilson suffered from some mental health difficulties and alcohol issues.

Sheriff Charles Macnair said he was prepared to deal with Wilson with a non-custodial sentence but gave him a stern warning. "Whatever the reason people carry knives, circumstances can change and they can be used for other purposes and that can result in serious injury or death," he said. 

"Unless you sort your life out, it isn't going to be a very long one. You are drinking four bottles of Buckfast every day and that is not conducive to a long life – in particular if you take illegal drugs on top of it."

Sheriff Macnair sentenced Wilson to a community payback order for two years with supervision and the condition that he would take alcohol counselling as directed by his supervising officer.