NEDS dumped more than a dozen bags full of dog dirt round a kids’ playpark.

Shocked villagers in Crossford found the disgusting bags thrown around the play area in King George V Park on Sunday morning.

The bags were left at the swings, around the roundabout and on the climbing frame and slide. Some of the bags burst, leading to a foul smell and more mess.

One villager, who did not want to be named but has had to clean up dog mess in the past in other areas of the park, told the Press: “It’s absolutely disgusting that some youngsters would do this as it spreads everywhere.

"I had to pick four bags out of the framework at the bottom of the park from what was originally built as the youth shelter. 

“People had been throwing the bags to stick to the framework. The drinking there has died down but it seems that there’s been a lot more of this happening lately.”

Villagers have reported this problem on several occasions previously, dating back almost two years.

More recently, Fife Council were called to the same location to deal with the same type of mess last week.

Crossford Community Council chair Joyce Matson said: “We are all shocked, disappointed and disgusted by this act of vandalism.”

John O’Neil, parks team manager for the Dunfermline area, said: “We were made aware of a similar incident last week by the community council and had staff out on site the next day for an extensive clean-up.

"It’s very disappointing to hear that this has happened again and we will arrange for a further inspection and clean up tomorrow morning (Wednesday).

“If anyone has any information on who they think may be responsible please contact us on 03451 550022. We will not tolerate this sort of anti-social behaviour.

"It is a potential health hazard and has put popular play equipment out of action for the second time in less than a week.”