AN INVERKEITHING dad who had a 10lbs tumour removed from his back is urging men to check their bodies regularly for any lumps and bumps before it's too late.

Following a 10-year battle with cancer, surgeons told Kevin O'Neil that he was one of just 15 people in the world to suffer from the rare tumour, caused by a condition called Myopericytoma. 

He told the Press: "There are some great campaigns telling men to check their prostate and testicles but we need to be aware of the many other types of cancer out there. 

"Us men take a couple of tablets when we have aches and pains and just get on with it.

"We need to get over our ignorance before it's too late."

Kevin, 47, has now set up One of Fifteen in an attempt to find the other 14 people who have the rare cancer that nearly killed him.

After just one week, the campaign is already boasting 1,000 members on social media from across the UK, Holland and even Australia. 

It's all thanks to rock band Marillion who are supporting their superfan with his worldwide campaign. 

Kevin said: "Marillion have been my favourite band since I was 12 and I have seen them more than 70 times.

"When I was going through intensive radiotherapy treatments at The Edinburgh Cancer Centre I received a 'Get well soon' card from them. 

"This was completely unexpected and it cheered me up when I going through a really bad time in my life.

"Then when I found out that they were supporting One of Fifteen on their Facebook page and website, I was really chuffed. 

"I really can't put into words how I really felt and I am so grateful for them doing this for me".

Kevin also praised and thanked the NHS who says saved his life.