DULOCH Primary School pupils were off to the races last weekend after taking part in the Edinburgh Marathon Festival.

A startling total of 145 children from nursery to Primary 7 competed in either the 1K, 1.5K or 2K races.

After three years of previous success, the children and their parents got to work on organising the event for another year, and Karen Hopkins, principal teacher, was delighted at how the event went.

She said: “There is a great buzz about the event and an exciting atmosphere around the Duloch meeting point. All of the children running not only tried their very best, but had fun, and posted some extremely competitive times. 

“I am very proud, not only of all the Duloch pupils who ran but also of the way the Duloch families worked together to make this event a great success again.

“This is fast becoming a favourite event in the Duloch sporting calendar.”