THE artists and volunteers behind the rejuvenation of a derelict area in Kelty now have their palettes poised for Main Street.

Blackhall Square was given a much-needed uplift after local community groups teamed up to transform the run of shops into famous artworks.

Kelty Community Council, Kelty Street Art Collective and Fife Council were fed up that the area was being neglected and decided to take matters into their own hands.

After their success, Claire Hutchison, community councillor, now has her eyes set on giving a fresh lick of paint to Main Street.

She said: “We are at the very early stages. We are about to start market research to consult with local residents and shopkeepers and looking to get permission to work with local artists. 

“We have formed a constituted group, Kelty Art and Regeneration Trust (K-ART), with Kelty Street Art Collective as a sub group. Once the market research is complete we will apply for funding and hopefully be successful.”

Andy Warhol’s famous Marilyn Monroe painting, a Jackson Pollock-inspired piece and The Great Wave off Kanagawa all now take pride of place in Blackhall Square, with expats in Australia and Canada expressing their disbelief online at the transformation.

The lead artist on the project, Celie Byrne, was delighted to put her talents to good use for Kelty.

She said: “It took us 35 days to complete, working a minimum of 12 hours a day. I can’t actually believe how much work we’ve done. 

“I knew I’d be able to put in the heavy work and see this project through and I’m so proud of it.

“We wanted to make radical changes.

“There was never going to be any point in just giving it a wee lick of paint. It needed a huge change.

“It was an area that was being constantly ignored. 

“It wasn’t that people around about didn’t care, but ideas were either being ignored or bypassed.”

And she added: “The reaction we’ve had has been absolutely brilliant. The feedback really has been superb.”

Celie is now keen to make a similar impact in Main Street.

“We’re doorstepping for ideas to find out what people would like to see,” she said.

“I’m hoping we’ll be able to include some fine writers and painters so they can make contributions and continue that community feel.

“We’re just hoping we can now freshen up Main Street.”