An IT specialist who shocked Inverkeithing residents by dressing as a woman and clamping a sex toy between his legs has been admonished.

John Suares, 43, of Lairds Hill Court, Kilsyth, appeared at Dunfermline Sheriff Court for a review after his sentence was deferred for a year for good behaviour.

He admitted previously that on March 28, 2016, at Ballast Bank, Inverkeithing, he committed an act of public indecency by holding a sex aid between his legs whilst dressed in female clothing.

Suares had driven to what he thought was a “quiet spot” at Ballast Bank and got out of his car wearing a short black tutu, red tights and a wig.

At around 1.40pm two residents looked out of their window and saw what they thought was a female sitting on a metal fence next to the embankment.

They saw Suares hold a sex aid held between his legs, he then removed his wig and drove off.

The registration number was noted and the police contacted.

When officers spotted the car two days later on the A985 at Kincardine, they stopped it and a search found the clothes he had been wearing at the time "as well as a number of sex aids”.

When he was charged, Suares told officers that "it wasn’t a sexual act".

He had added: "I was cross-dressing and I was fully dressed. My genitals were not exposed at any time.”

In court last week, defence agent Sarah Meehan confirmed that Suares had been of good behaviour and he was admonished by the sheriff.

It means Suares is neither imprisoned nor fined but receives verbal discipline and is free to go. The conviction is still recorded.