WHEN little Callum Scrimshaw came into the world, he didn't have to wait long to get some additional responsibility.

At the same time as mum Laura was having him at Kirkcaldy's Victoria Hospital, his big sister Sharmaine, 17, was in the next room preparing to give birth to his niece, Khara-Louise.

Shocked Laura and husband Steven, of Burnside Crescent in Rosyth, were delighted – and amazed – to become grandparents only 36 hours after becoming parents again.

"I never thought I'd be a grandma at 35 let alone my little boy Callum be an uncle at 36-hours-old!" she told the Press.

"It is amazing. I never thought when I got married at 16, I would still be with him at 35, have four kids and be a grandparent. It hasn't really kicked in yet but it is great being able to spoil them all.

"I was due on October 27 and Sharmaine was due on October 29. We didn't think they would come that close together though. I was shocked when they both came the same weekend."

With Callum in a rush to come out, Laura had to be taken to hospital with a police escort after her original ambulance had actually picked up Sharmaine instead of her.

"We both went into labour on the 21st and whilst I was waiting for an ambulance, mine went to Sharmaine and took her to hospital instead of me," said Laura, who is also mum to Chelsea, 14, and Steven Junior, 6.

"So when mine did come, we had the police escorting us up the motorway at quarter to three as they were worried he would come before I got there.

"We got there at quarter to three and Callum was born at 3.15."

With Sharmaine, who lives in Dunfermline, already at the hospital, Laura discovered that her daughter was in the next room to her and she was able to come in and see her little brother soon after he came into the world.

As her labour wasn't progressing as quickly, Sharmaine was sent home and returned the following evening before Khara-Louise's arrival at 4.40am on October 23.

Both babies were delivered by the same midwife and Laura was delighted to be so close when she heard that her first grandchild had arrived safely.

"I was up the stairs in the ward when she came in," she explained. "I am sure Callum had a sense it was happening – it was like he knew.

"He woke me for a feed at 4.40am and a couple of minutes later, I got a message to say she had been born.

"Sharmaine is doing brilliantly and everything has come so naturally to her."

Callum's arrival was made even more of a family affair as his big sister, Chelsea, was present at his birth along with dad Steven and she has been loving having a new brother and a little niece.

"When I was in full labour, Chelsea was still at my side," added Laura.

"This made my labour experience so much more special. Chelsea has made me feel so proud of the amazing young lady she is becoming – sister, auntie or Nanny 911 as Sharmaine and I call her!"