IT'S the end of an era as an institution of Dunfermline's nightlife has closed its doors after 37 years.

The owners of Johnson's Nightclub, on Pilmuir Street, have bid farewell after making "many great memories".

Known out of affection as 'Jiggies', the nightclub thanked its customers, staff and musicians who stepped foot inside the historic venue in the town.

They said: "Well everyone, after 37 wonderful years, time has been called.

"No one can go on forever and Alfred and his family have decided that there is a whole world out there that they want to carry on exploring whilst they have their health and happiness. 

"There are so many great memories and a many amazing people to thank for all gifts they have given us. 

"Michelle and Seamus have devoted so many years to the Jiggies family.

"Warren and Brenda brought superb live musicians and unforgettable funk and soul nights for all the 80’s enthusiasts.

"Natalie and Paddy kept us all safe. 

"We’ve had a blast and now we just feel really grateful that we lived through it with all of you who have worked here with dedication, the musicians who have given us so many wonderful memories and especially you, our beautiful customers who, over a few generations danced, loved and supported each other and us too. 

"We wish you all the funking love in the world."