CROSSFORD residents are irate as youths plague the village with anti-social behaviour.

Locals have had eggs and pellets launched at their homes as well as noticing a rise in graffiti and damage to property.

One resident also found a piece of wood with nails hammered through it on Keavil Road.

John Owen is fed up with the problem after his house was targeted, and he is calling for parents to take action.

"I've seen police officers talking to youngsters, recently," he said.

"Hopefully, something is done about it soon. Parents really should be talking to their kids and know where they are every evening.

"No-one wants to have their home targeted by young people. Something needs done."

Meta Brockie has been tackling the issue of youths causing trouble in Crossford for more than 10 years, often having to pick up broken glass.

She said: "The people are irate. There's so many good kids but it just takes one or two to give the rest a bad name.

"It's kids pushing their luck to see what they can get away with.

"The basketball hoop inside the all-weather pitch, which was bolted on, was removed.

"The bench in the woods as you cross over from the park has been graffitied. The paint was what the council uses for pothole markings.

"Myself and another woman saw an elderly lady with a brush and dust pan outside the scout hall.

"A fundraiser was cancelled there for safety reasons, recently, due to a large number of kids hanging around outside.

"It's calmed down since the kids have gone back to school but it needs dealt with."

Patrols have been carried out in the village by Fife Council, although none of the reported behaviour has been found.

Lisa Taylor, safer communities lead officer, said: "We’re aware of the situation in Crossford. Our Safer Community Officers (SCOs) have been out patrolling but so far haven’t witnessed any of the behaviour being reported. Our officers will keep an eye on the situation and continue with increased patrols in the area to deter any potential anti-social behaviour."