WEST FIFE commuters have been complaining to the Press of cancelled and delayed trains at morning rush hour for several weeks.

Swapping my regular morning five-minute commute to our office, I instead joined hundreds of others on the rail commute from the Kingdom to Edinburgh on Friday.

I aimed to get to my hypothetical office for 9am, so before setting off from Rosyth station, I checked on National Rail's app and was alarmed to find if I didn't get the 7.22am service, I would be waiting more than 40 minutes for the next train.

Weighing up the options, I assumed a 15-mile trip wouldn't need an hour and a half, so off I went to catch the 8.03.

Arriving at the station 10 minutes before my train was due, there was already a long ticket queue but a follow commuter told me to get in the line otherwise I would face a 20-minute wait at Waverley!

Thankfully, I got a ticket just in time for the train arriving a few minutes late but it cost me £9.20 for a peak return.

The train was a six-carriage service and there was plenty of room to find a seat but many passengers still stood fearing they would not be able to get off further down the track.

It was a pleasant journey and we arrived just five minutes late but many people remarked that I had picked the wrong day and should experience what it's like to travel every day for a week.

It was clear tensions were high among the commuters I spoke to and no sooner had I posted on social media that the journey was fine, I received a tweet from a reader saying a service from Dalgety Bay had been late five days in a row.