CARNEGIE Primary School is teaming up with a mental health charity after being awarded a £25,000 grant by the Scottish Government.

The school is set to work with the SAMH (Scottish Association for Mental Health) as they promote social emotional wellbeing as part of a bespoke programme.

SAMH will support the inclusion of every child and their family to ensure they have a voice and the opportunity to engage with the programme, contribute their ideas and support developments.

A diverse range of workshops will be on offer to pupils and families, as they produce activities, games and songs to help better understand mental health.

St Columba's High School were also awarded £5,800 as their pupils work towards achieving a Prince William Award.

The Skills Force National Award programme is organised by ex-service personnel.

Activities are planned around the award's core principles such as developing inner strength, making good choices and developing confidence to think independently.

A group of around 15-20 S2/S3 pupils will be supported in areas such as self-belief, compassion, confidence and showing empathy to others.