CRUSH-HOUR commuters are fed up with an unreliable rail service taking them between West Fife and Edinburgh. 

For months, if not years, they have been complaining to us about the poor service, saying they are sick of being crammed in like sardines into packed carriages and stressed as to whether they will make it to work on time or even be back in time to pick up the kids from nursery or after-school clubs.

Last week, the Press kicked off our Crush Hour campaign to stand up for our readers to put pressure on rail bosses to improve things. 

Now we’ve started an online petition so you can make your strength of feeling known.

This week, we asked ScotRail’s managing director to travel on the ‘Sardine Express’ with our readers but he didn’t seem keen. 

So now we’re going to have to make him realise just how bad his services are by setting up an online petition which we’ll bring to the attention of the people who matter. 

You can sign at,

There’s also room to have your say on why you’re backing our campaign.