A DALGETY BAY family has marked the 10th anniversary of the death of their twin son by donating £25,000 to the charities that helped them the most through the horrific situation.

When the Fyfe family were hit with the tragic death of one of their twin boys, Callan, their lives changed forever.

Not only did parents Nichola and David have to deal with the grief of losing a child, they also had to battle for the life of their other little boy Alex, who had been born with health problems.

Choosing not to forget their Callan, they’ve spent the last 10 years collecting for Fife Sands and Edinburgh Children’s Hospital Charity by collecting thousands of Easter eggs, Christmas selection boxes and finding any other way they can to fundraise as much money as possible.

Recalling the tragedy, mum Nichola told the Press: “I had a very healthy pregnancy and it was incredible for me and my husband to find out we were going to have twins.

“You imagine in this day and age that everything is going to be fine but we lost Callan at the birth.

“It was a very bittersweet time, we had our amazing baby Alex, but we had also lost another son. While I was celebrating the birth of a child, I also had to organise the funeral of another.

“There was also the chance that Alex was not going to make it either and we wondered if we were going to lose him too.

“I never thought I would smile or be happy again but through the fanatic support of these charities we got through it, because they knew exactly what it felt like to lose a child.”

As Alex celebrates his 10th birthday today (Thursday), the family are grateful to see that he has grown into a healthy boy with a passion for school and football, despite all the worries around his health.

The Fyfe have also chosen to keep Callan’s memory alive through their amazing fundraising efforts and thank everyone who has helped them raise £25,000.

Nichola added: “We’ve never forgotten Callan, he’s a massive part of our family, we talk about him often and have pictures of him in the house.

“It can be hard as a parent because every milestone like today we think of him but I think you can either choose to let grief define you or be more positive.

“We went through a dark place 10 years ago and I could not see a future but I think we have come a long way as a family and we also take hope in that.

“It took us a long time to accept that Callan was gone, it truly breaks your heart, but with the support of Sands and the children’s hospital you can move on.

“It does get easier, but we don’t forget, and we will never underestimate how ill Alex was as he has overcome an amazing amount of obstacles.”

Sue Diamond, from Edinburgh Children’s Hospital Charity, added: “The whole Fyfe family have been tremendous ambassadors for our work and have raised an incredible amount of money for Edinburgh Children’s Hospital Charity over many years.

“As well as encouraging friends and family to take part in events and fundraise, they have also donated their time to volunteer and a huge number of selection boxes and Easter eggs to the hospital. So much so that we can safely say that they alone provide all that the hospital needs every year. A huge thank you to all of them from all of us.”

The Fyfes are currently collecting for their annual Christmas selection box fundraiser. You can drop off your goodies at Tesco’s Dalgety Bay until December 4. The selection boxes will go to the Sick Kids Hospital.