A ROSYTH campaigner says the transport system in Fife needs a “fundamental change” if it is to be fit for the 21st century.

Steven Leckie, founder of What’s Happening Rosyth, is calling for a similar transport model used in London.

The Press launched our Crush Hour campaign two weeks ago to fight for a better rail service for West Fifers, following frequent delays and cancellations as well as overcrowding and reports of services skipping stations.

“The transport system in Fife and Scotland needs a fundamental change,” said Mr Leckie.

“I’ve been writing to Transport for Scotland for the last year about copying the London transport system, which is a non-for-profit company where any profits nade by the company are reinvested back into the company, not shareholders.

“The Scottish Government could set this type of company up and place all ScotRail and bus and ferry companies under it.

“They would be able to introduce zonal charging for trains and also introduce a daily cap as well, as the charging structure just now is not fair and people in Fife are getting charged more than people elsewhere.”

Currently, Transport for London uses an Oyster card system which is cheaper for passengers than paying for a ticket. Payment is based on how many zones you travel, not per station.

Although it may be more convenient than purchasing a ticket, West Fifer commuters have told the Press that there is no incentive in getting a ScotRail smart card because there is no discount at peak times with one.

Mr Leckie added: “As the Press saw for itself, trains are often crushed and they use the Hogwarts Express to carry people back and forward to work.

“As a region, we keep getting advised of new trains but this is not the case and we are getting the old trains from the Edinburgh/Glasgow line.

“Investment is needed in our stations as well. Inverkeithing station is not built for the modern commuter with lack of parking spaces and the same could be said for other stations.

“Stagecoach East need to be removed and replaced because they play Russian roulette cancelling routes all the time.

“The big question is: Is Fife’s transportation system fit for the 21st century? If the amount of houses we are seeing at the moment keep getting built in South West Fife, the situation is going to worse instead of better.”

The Scottish Government say they are taking steps to ensure that a public sector operator is able to bid for a future rail contract, and that there is a public sector body able to do so.

A Scottish Government spokeswoman said: “The Scottish Government is committed to continue delivering the largest transport investment programme that Scotland has ever seen despite relentless Westminster budget cuts. Since 2007, over £18 billion has been invested in transport infrastructure and services, including major projects that have benefitted Fife.

“We are currently undertaking a collaborative review of the National Transport Strategy. This includes a review of governance across all modes, looking at further clarifying, and possibly modifying, existing transport roles and responsibilities nationally, regionally and locally. We will look at UK and other governance models for transport as part of informing this work.”

A ScotRail Alliance spokesperson said: “We’re working hard to make rail travel in Scotland even easier. Over 70 per cent of our tickets are now available on our smartcard, and customers can now add tickets to their smartcards from their phone.

“On top of taking the hassle out of tickets, we’ve secured a range of discounts with big high street name – exclusively for our smartcard season ticket holders.”