A DALGETY Bay man who came to the rescue of a stricken cyclist hailed the “amazing acts of kindness” of passing motorists.

Alex Laird was travelling westbound on the A985 near Rosyth when he spotted the man lying on the road and stopped to help.

He was joined by other members of the public who united to get the cyclist medical attention – including four nurses who Alex tagged “Angels from the East.”

He told the Press: “It was mesmerising how everyone pulled together. I came off the roundabout where the old Lexmark factory was and saw something in the distance. He had something luminous, like a bag, and I just knew it was a man. I stopped the car and positioned it in a way that other cars would have to go round me.”

The former naval officer, who described himself as being highly medically trained, jumped out of his car and assessed the cyclist.

“There was no movement from him but there was eye flicker and that was a good sign,” said Alex, of Harbour Place.

“He appeared to have had a seizure and just fallen where he was. I’m medically trained but to the man’s luck, four nurses were travelling west that day. Four angels from the east, I called them. I bowed down as their knowledge collectively would have been greater than mine. There was also a female police officer who controlled the traffic and called the emergency services again to pinpoint his exact location. I must say the compassion and duty of care from the people assisting him all – who were all local to Fife – was outstanding. He was a very lucky man.

“I know it’s what humans do but honestly, he was in great hands. People were coming from everywhere to ask if they could help from all medical backgrounds – it was amazing to witness. There wasn’t anything special in what I did. I just hope he is well and is on the road to recovery.”

Having done his bit, Alex left the man in the hands of the nurses just minutes before the ambulance arrived.

A police spokesperson confirmed they had attended the scene on Friday and provided traffic management before leaving the cyclist with the ambulance service.

An ambulance spokesperson said the man had not required hospital treatment: “We received a call on 1413 hours on Friday to attend a road traffic collision on the A985 at Rosyth.

“We dispatched one ambulance to the scene. No patients required transport to hospital.”