AN ABERDOUR father has accused ScotRail of putting children at risk after a train guard refused to allow him to join a service that his daughter was travelling on.

Oliver Bee said he purposely travels to and from Edinburgh with his 13-year-old daughter, so she can safely get home, but a train guard put that in jeopardy last month.

The managing consult, 47, told the Press: "The mean reason why I catch the same train as Harriet is because Aberdour station is unmanned and I don't want her walking home on her own in the dark.

"She gets on at Haymarket and I meet her on the 16.52 service from Edinburgh Gateway every day of the week.

"But I was amazed at the behaviour of the guard on this particular night who seemed to take exception to me and said I would have to get off the train, even though I told him my daughter was on the train.

"I'd like to understand what ScotRail's policy is on its appetite for placing children at risk, when they are knowingly separating children from their parents and allowing them to get off trains on dark nights at stations which are unmanned and do not have waiting rooms.

"The impression I have gained is that ScotRail is indifferent and uncaring regarding this and supports its employees to behave belligerently, ignorantly and heartlessly."

The incident, which happened on November 14, was caused by overcrowding after a previous service had been cancelled.

Mr Bee said he managed to squeeze on by the doors in the middle of the carriage and was all set to leave before the guard said he would need to get off because he needed to close the doors.

"The other passengers shuffled and made some space but he would not relent and just repeated that I needed to get off," he added.

"I told him my daughter was on the train but his response was: 'What do you expect me to do about it?'

"He then shouted: 'You're now holding this train up, you need to get off', so that all the passengers in the carriage could hear and I very reluctantly chose to get off.

"There was clearly space for me on the train and he could have chosen to get on at any other door, including the rear driver's cab, but he seem to take issue at me."

Mr Bee had to wait another 30 minutes for the next train to Aberdour but then it was announced the service was delayed by half an hour. His only option was to get to Inverkeithing station and get a taxi home to get to his daughter quickly.

Mr Bee made a complaint to ScotRail's customer services on November 14 but he has not received a reply.

"I've not heard a thing," he added.

"Surely they should be addressing customer concerns.

"I'm not impressed with their service as it is. The past couple of months have been terrible and I can’t recall a single day where there hasn’t been some sort of inconvenience to our journeys either in the morning or at night.

"It is most frustrating when trains skip stations and then you see them go straight past. Folk are paying a lot of money and there is no sign from ScotRail that they are going to improve."

A ScotRail Alliance spokesperson said: “We are sorry to hear of this customer’s experience, and we will be in touch with them directly.”

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