A DUNFERMLINE commuter has blasted ScotRail for overcrowded services that he says are putting vulnerable people in danger.

Stuart Mcgill, 39, claims he hasn’t had a seat for at least a month on the Fife Circle line but said it was the last straw when he saw a blind man being crushed against an exit door.

“It’s a disgrace that we stand like sardines every day,” the financial services worker said.

“I think the final straw for me though was when I stood beside a blind man, who kept asking where we were and if there was a seat. It was actually quite upsetting to see.

“I tend to mix where I get on in West Fife, but every station is the same and you can’t get moved by Inverkeithing.”

In November, the Press launched our Crush Hour campaign to highlight poor services experienced by West Fife commuters on the Fife Circle every day.

Stuart said he had been using the trains to get work in Edinburgh for the best part of 10 years. He told the Press that the last time he saw this type of overcrowding was when the Forth Road Bridge was closed for a month.

Enraged by the cramped conditions, he wrote to ScotRail, saying: “I doubt you’ll pay too much attention to this or try to fob me off with how you are trying to improve things, but I am writing to complain about the horrendous and continuous overcrowded daily trains on the Fife Circle.

“I use your service five days a week and I can assure you the experience is awful. I have tried various trains at various times in both the morning and on the way home to try to avoid the sardines in the carriages but to no avail.

“It is a complete disgrace and you will no doubt increase the fares in January. People take to sitting on the luggage racks and standing (literally) in the toilets to get a space. You should be completely and utterly ashamed of the service you are providing at peak times on this route. You are treating people like objects and cattle.”

Stuart added: “It takes just one train not running and we’re standing like sardines” he added.

“I regularly see people either unable to get on or struggling to get on at South Gyle.”

A ScotRail Alliance spokesperson said: “We are building the best railway that Scotland has ever had – and that applies to all of Scotland. We are currently refurbishing 25 trains in our class 158 fleet, which are used on many routes – including the Fife Circle. These trains are being refitted with better heating and lighting, new toilets, improved seating and at-seat power sockets.

“Our season tickets for Fife are in line with our prices for elsewhere in the country. All our season ticket fares are regulated by the Scottish Government, with the maximum price increase capped in line with the Retail Price Index.”

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