A ROSYTH commuter has branded ScotRail an “utter joke” that provides a “disgusting service”.

David Jenkins has hammered the rail company in a letter to the train company and Dunfermline and West Fife MP Douglas Chapman and says that ScotRail should be removed.

He wrote: “The vast majority of trains are dangerously overcrowded, late or cancelled without notice.

“You only need to google ScotRail for a taste of the disdain of the vast majority of commuters. On many occasions, I’ve awaited the train to see the dreaded delayed sign which then turns to cancelled!

“You claim that you reimburse your customers for your lack of punctuality to the value of a pittance! This is only if your customer cannot get another train within 30 minutes of the failed train. How on earth the service levels meet above the 84 per cent is beyond me. I have now numerous times ended up in the ‘cage’ which is for bikes.

“There are days where I get on and, you’ve guessed it, no seats, the walkway and door area full. This leaves you to stand in a bike shed! It’s surely a health and safety issue?!

“Despite your shocking service each and every day, you somehow justify that you will charge more to your already disgruntled customers?

“ScotRail is an utter joke, purely lining their pockets to no doubt assist the Dutch rail service. We in the UK pay more than any other country on rail fares. For what? Constant lateness and disgusting service. I’d be happy to pay if I got a decent service – on time with a seat!”

ScotRail say all money from fares is being used to operate and invest in Scotland’s Railway and no dividend has been paid to the Netherlands.

They say the vast majority of their trains arrive within five minutes of schedule and that, over the last 12 months, 90.8 per cent of ScotRail services achieved this – and called at all scheduled stations on the way.

Douglas Chapman MP replied to Mr Jenkins: “I have great sympathy with your feelings on this matter.

“I am more than happy to meet to discuss with you and I have also asked for a meeting with Scotrail/Abellio and Network Rail.

“We know that 50 per cent of delays are caused by Network Rail activities so not everything is in ScotRail’s hands, however, I know from experience that when you are at the sharp end of cancellations or delays, how the rail network is structured or funded is not at the forefront of your mind – you just want to get to your destination safely and on time (and hopefully a seat!) “A feature that has developed on the Fife Circle is that of ‘skipping stations’ and again this puts an unfair onus on the customer to reach their destination or access a service. This is unacceptable and again I will raise with ScotRail at the meeting when that can be arranged.”

A ScotRail Alliance spokesperson said: “We are sorry to hear that Mr Jenkins is unhappy with his experience travelling with us. We will be in touch with him directly.”