THE appearance of an array of hearts across Dalgety Bay is causing a stir among residents.

It was hoped the romantic icons would unite the town in love but there have been mixed messages since the latest efforts from social enterprise group Blooming Lovely went up.

Peter Collins, who set up the group and has previously put floral displays around the Bay, said he wanted to make people smile.

However, local councillor Alice McGarry is not feeling the love.

“It is someone who decided to sell these hearts and put them up for the benefit of people paying for them but he has not got any kind of permission,” said Cllr McGarry.

“Some people are really annoyed by it and others are quite happy. 

"Strictly speaking, permission should be sought and people cannot go round and put things up without permission.

“When coming out from Dalgety Bay, I saw a big plantation of them at the St David’s roundabout on a piece of green maintained by the council.

"The council have strict rules about this because it can be a distraction to drivers and if one person does it, everyone will think they can.

“The guy who is involved says he is doing it to raise money for the floral enhancement of Dalgety Bay but that should not be people going off on their own, it should be a community effort.”

Mr Collins said he came up with the idea when deciding what could brighten up the Bay before Spring arrives.

“Someone said you should get plastic flowers and I just thought why don’t we put love hearts out,” he told the Press.

“It is Valentine’s Day next month and it is bright and colourful. I have had hundreds and hundreds of people saying how good they are. It is just colourful and makes people smile.

“I just thought it was something different – you get paid at the end of January and then you are thinking what am I going to get for him or her for Valentine’s and this is something different.”

Mr Collins said he was aware that the hearts had become a talking point among residents.

“I did put a few on lampposts purely to get people talking,” he added.

“There is a wee bylaw which says you are not supposed to but they have never moved the housebuilding signs that have been there for donkeys’ years.

“As far as possible, they will be on private property all over Dalgety Bay. Alice McGarry is doing what she has to do and point out that there is a bylaw.”

Each heart costs £15 and can include a Valentine’s message to a loved one. The fee incorporates the cost of a rose which will be planted somewhere as well as a donation to Dalgety Bay and Hillend’s Children’s Gala.