IT’S only been open a year but already ‘The Secret Door’ at Dunfermline’s Maygate has hit the big time on popular TV show Antiques Road Trip. 

The curiosity store was featured on an episode aired earlier this month on BBC one. 

Antiques expert Anita Manning was charmed with the store and bought two books by Shakespeare and a set of silver oriental spoons, which she should sold for profit at a Dumfries auction. 

Owner Stuart Thomson, who turned his passion for old things into a business last January, said: “It’s a very popular programme and I watch it every day of the week so it was great to get Anita’s interest.

"We’ve had a lot of customers coming in the shop excited to tell us they saw the show. 

“Although we only started the business last year it has been without doubt a positive move.”

Stuart began his business online and at car boot sales before a space at Maygate became available. 

The store is known for having a mix of popular vintage pieces and unique finds. 

“A lot of people thought we would mostly have tourists visiting the premises because of where it is in the town centre but actually there have been more locals coming to have a look,” Stuart said. 

“There’s a great network around and our customers have been really supportive of the business.”

There was more West Fife interest on the programme as Blakes in Aberdour was also a pit-stop for the show’s experts. 

The Secret Door will also be featured on a brand-new BBC production expected to air soon.