DUNFERMLINE-BASED company CR Smith has been warned about the number of nuisance calls made to customers.

The glazing firm is being investigated by the data protection watchdog over multiple complaints of unwanted phone calls.

The Information Commissioner’s Office are monitoring activities after consumers objected to receiving unsolicited marketing calls and could face a heavy fine if the data watchdog finds there is no improvement.

The complaints were made directly to ICO or through the Telephone Preference Service (TPS), the marketing opt-out service that records consumers’ preference not to receive unsolicited sales.

The ICO confirmed that CR Smith was one of 11 new companies that they had “concerns about” and it is understood that CR Smith has been given the chance to improve its practices after the recurrence of the company name on TPS complaints reports.

An ICO spokesperson said: “Placing a company on monitoring reflects concerns about its compliance with direct marketing rules. We are giving it a chance to improve its practices, and will usually meet with the company to discuss any complaints and what we expect them to do to bring about compliance.”

There have been past consumer moans about CR Smith on websites devoted to registering concerns about and tracing those responsible for unsolicited calls with some saying they had reported incidents to Ofcom, the communications regulator.

One anonymous complainer said: “(I get) daily repeated nuisance calls. Eventually I returned call to find out who it was in case it was an emergency.

"An automated voice told me it was CR Smith. This is a double glazing company in Scotland. We have previously blocked their numbers, but they keep changing or adding to them."

Another said: “Constant calls from CR Smith even though (i have) mobile call blocker on phone. Usual times are 12.37 and 1800 or 1900 hours.”

A CR Smith spokesman said: “CR Smith is committed to complying with all current and impending legislation dealing with the prevention of unwanted calls.

"We subscribe to Telephone Preference Service, the official opt-out register where customers record their preference not to receive calls.

“Since the Information Commissioner’s Office contacted us we have fully co-operated with their enquiries and they have since written to say they are satisfied with our responses.

"In line with their procedures we were placed on a monitoring period, which we welcome and we have been further advised by Telephone Preference Service that since this monitoring period began nearly two months ago, they have received zero complaints.”