FIFE Council have provided an update on their bin collections following extreme weather affecting their services.

The authority has confirmed that the normal recycling schedule has been resumed after dealing with a backlog caused by heavy snowfall earlier this month.

All green bins missed have now been collected across West Fife, and it was expected that grey bins in Kincardine were to be dealt with on Monday.

Residents have been told that blue bins not emptied by Sunday, March 11, should be brought back in and put out on their next collection date.

A Fife Council spokesperson said: "Normal collections have now started so from today (Monday) please put our your bins as normal, we are now able to also empty your brown bin this week so put it out as normal.

"Any missed bins from the past couple of weeks please present on next collection day.

"We apologise for any inconvenience caused by service disruptions.

"By not emptying the brown bins last week we have been able to catch up on the grey and green bins which were missed."