BIG-HEARTED youngsters from McLean Primary School handed over donations to Dunfermline Foodbank last week.

The collection was organised by the school’s Eco Committee and their efforts also contributed towards them being awarded a prestigious green flag.

Teacher Helen McKeever, who guides the committee members along with colleague Anna Stevenson, said: “Every year in school we have the day of change and it is when our school’s eco committee decide to collaborate with a local charity as a whole school.

“We have been working towards our green flag in school and part of that was making community links.

"We decided not to go round raising money this time and instead looked at collaborating with a local charity to show the children how they can do small things within their local community which can make a difference.”

After learning about the work of the foodbank, pupils from all classes were asked to bring in donations.

“The response was phenomenal,” added Miss McKeever. “We had to close off a store room and it was completely full. It really was hugely successful and the kids loved doing it.

"The Foodbank were delighted and are going to come out in the next few weeks to continue the relationship. It is not something we want to end now and they are going to come and give a small talk about where it maybe is going and what we can do now.”