A LIMEKILNS mum has said her family are forking out £450 a month on trains for a "diabolical" service. 

Mrs Scott and her two sons commute to Edinburgh for either work or study most days but their journeys are rarely simple and are impacted by cancelled or delayed trains. 

She told the Press: "It’s diabolical. We're paying all this money and we can never get there on time. It's not right. 

"You go for a train and think it’s going to be there and then you find out there's some sort of fault. 

"It's not just the reliability of trains, the scheduling of the timetable is really bad too and the services are badly spaced out. 

"It's not like London where the next train will be along in a few minutes. 

"They'll sail past stations when people are trying to get to work and Fifers are paying ScotRail very sweetly for the experience.”

Since the Press' Crush Hour campaign began in November last year, we have continued to ask ScotRail and the transport minister Humza Yousaf to meet with us to put across readers’ concerns. 

ScotRail have snubbed any requests to meet with the Press and a spokesperson for Mr Yousaf has continued to say his diary is too full. 

Mrs Scott said: "I think it speaks volumes that they won't meet with our local newspaper. 

"This transport minister should be taking ScotRail to task. 

"They are not fulfilling their contract and at the end of the day it's the government that have the power to stop it. 

"And why are we giving this franchise to another government? We shouldn't be lining another country's pocket.

"I do feel all the money is being spent between Glasgow and Edinburgh and they need to think more about the people who travel on the other lines. 

"Many people can't afford to live in the capital and so the Fife Circle line has become much busier. 

"I would also like to know who they are questioning about the service and at what time. 

"I personally don't know anyone that has been asked for their thoughts."

Speaking of the impact bad services have on the family, Mrs Scott added: "We live in a village, so we have to use a vehicle to get to the station, but we're always having to go out to pick each other up at different times because there's been a delay. 

"My boss always know that if I message it's because of the trains. 

"It all has an impact on the household and you do become stressed by it all.”