A DUNFERMLINE care worker who was convicted of glassing two people has been reprimanded by the Scottish Social Services Council.

Emma-Jane Blackie will have a warning on her registration as a practitioner in day care of children’s services for 12 months after being found guilty of two serious assaults.

Back in June 2016, she appeared at Dunfermline Sheriff Court and was convicted of two serious assaults when she struck a man and a woman with a glass to their injury.

As a result, the enquiry by the SSSC found that her fitness to practice has been impaired by her conviction.

A report stated: “The public has the right to expect that social services workers, in whom it places its trust and confidence, uphold the law and do not engage in offending behaviour nor otherwise behave in a way outside of work which would call into question their suitability to work in social services.”

It found that Blackie “demonstrated a disregard for the law and a breach of the trust and confidence placed in you” and it added that “convictions for assault to injury represent a loss of self control and aggressive and violent behaviour.

The report went on to say: “Such behaviour is incompatible with the conduct expected on a person registered with the SSSC.

“It is very important that proper standards of conduct and behaviour are seen to be upheld.

“You have behaved in a way which could undermine public trust and confidence in the profession.

“A reasonable member of the public, in possession of all of the circumstances of your case, would consider the reputation of the profession to be damaged if your behaviour was not marked as being unacceptable by the SSSC.”

The decision report said Blackie had no previous history with the SSSC and that the incident appeared to be an isolated one.

It also said that she had expressed regret for the assault and had apologised for her behaviour.