THE Dunfermline-based International Fire and Rescue Association (IFRA) has paid tribute to the ‘hero’ responsible for saving thousands of lives in Paraguay.

Scotland’s largest fire service charity has named a fire engine after Peter ‘Pingo’ Logan, who passed away at the age of 74 from cancer earlier this year.

The appliance has now been sent to his native Paraguay where it will be used by its fire service who continue to operate with volunteers, limited supplies and little training.

IFRA chairman, David Kay OBE, told the Press that Peter – whose grandparents were from Edinburgh – was “a hero, a firefighter, a friend and much-loved brother”.

“He was the main driving force for what is now a pretty modern fire brigade (in Paraguay).

“He was directly responsible for both IFRA, and previously Florian, helping in Paraguay. Thousands of people are alive today because Peter made this his mission in life. And up to the final days he was still trying to improve the fire brigade.

“As my friend and my advisor, Peter will be sorely missed but he will always live on inside all of those who he touched.

“I am by far a better person because of Peter and I will continue trying to be better because of him.”

IFRA have now delivered 90 appliances to countries around the world, with 30 reaching Paraguay as a result of Peter’s persistence and dedication.