VISITORS to Fire Station Creative are encouraged to leave reality at the door as a new town arrives in the town.

Dunfermline artist Jonny Hannah will showcase his imaginary peninsula of Darktown in the venue from Friday.

His exhibition is a collection of snippets from Darktown including its shops and characters, and how they're represented.

Jonny, explains: "As creative people, we can easily invent pretend places, characters and scenarios. I found, in everyday life, the need to run away; so I escape, on a regular basis to Darktown, where almost anything can happen, but not much does, a bit like real life."

Ian Moir, gallery curator, is excited to welcome the exhibition to FSC and is encouraged by what he describes as Dunfermline's "wellspring of creativity".

He said: "It's an honour to share yet another wonderful example of the talent that hails from Dunfermline.

"I think it's mainly down to young artists receiving a top quality education within the local schools and, of course, the musical tradition that persists here.

"Generating an accomplished artist is a complex, circular, process and all the necessary parts have to be there for this to happen. Since the fire station opened nearly three years ago, the public have been witnessing the full extent of the region's cultural offer."

His views are echoed by Jonny, who demonstrates his love of music and cinema in his town of escape.

With American jazz singer Slim Gaillard running a second-hand emporium and Jean Gabin, a key figure in French film, behind the desk of his own hat and cap shop, Darktown boasts several recognisable characters.

Holding a passion for the arts, he's keen for Dunfermline to embrace it's creative nature and expand on it.

The former Queen Anne High School pupil added: "Every town, and every person in this country needs art.

"There's a common myth that there's industry, and then there's the arts. The arts is an industry. Without it we'd be scuppered. The world would be so boring.

"So having visited Fire Station Creative last summer, I've seen how it's been adding huge dollops of colour and creativity to the area, which is great.

"Dunfermline doesn't need any more shops or pubs, but an arts centre is vital. And for me, having grown up in Dunfermline, it's a real treat to be asked back to my old home town show my wares."

The 'Darktown Songs and Stories' show runs from Friday to Sunday, April 29.

Entry is free.