IT’S one of the world’s best new attractions and a West Fife firm can boast it had a vital part to play in the creation of Dubai’s newest architectural landmark.

While workers on the Dubai Frame were applying the gold cladding to the 150-metre high structure, they were kept safe by the unique access system created by Inverkeithing-based Web Rigging Services.

Their award winning Web Deck and Web Net Systems were used to provide access to the world’s largest photo frame while work was being carried out on its sky deck.

The tourist attraction, which opened earlier this year, includes a viewing deck with a glass floor and a museum showcasing the country’s transformation from fishing village to metropolis.

Web managing director Mark McConway said they were thrilled to play their part in framing Dubai.

“It is refreshing to see that our unique access system was used on such an elegant and world-renowned project, such as the Dubai Frame,” he said. “Most of the time, our Web Deck and Web Net is seen below bridges, jetties and helidecks.

“As well as taking Web Rigging Services to new heights – quite literally – the frame is a new landmark for Dubai, providing a breath-taking vantage point to take in the ever expanding skyline.

“Although Web Systems have been designed to create a safe working environment, it is also safe to say that the Dubai Frame has captured a great picture of Web Rigging Services.”

The work in Dubai was carried out by Megarme rope access specialists who are an approved Web system installer partner company while a trainer from the company travelled out from West Fife to supervise the installation and oversee training for getting the deck in place.

Mark added that they currently have partner companies working around the world on a wide range of structures, with more high-rise ventures in the Middle East and elsewhere.

“Although we play a small part in the sense that we are not involved in the building of these things, in terms of protecting people’s lives and working at height is such a big deal nowadays,” he said.

“There is almost a sea change across the industry in the attitude towards scaffolding and they are now looking at newer, more efficient and safer ways of working at height and that is the niche we are looking at.”