MOVES to stop speeding motorists in Kelty aren’t working – and more road-width bumps and 20mph zones are needed.

That’s the view of Councillor Alex Campbell, who represents the village, and after a flood of concerns he’s now called for a review of the effectiveness of traffic calming measures.

He said: “We have seen a number of accidents over the last month on Main Street and whilst the investigations into these continue, I know that I receive regular complaints about speeding on parts of the Main Street and I want to see action now.”

Cllr Campbell said Fife Council’s attempts to slow traffic down in Kelty weren’t working and he has renewed a call for a 20mph speed restriction to be implemented on Main Street.

The Labour councillor made a submission over a year ago to have a new limit put in place but said the council, who say they are working towards this, were moving too slowly.

He also questioned the effectiveness of the speed measures already in place and added: “The council continue to use small speed bumps that don’t seem to be very useful in slowing traffic and I do wonder why they are less willing to use speed strips across roads, which seem to be far more effective in slowing traffic down.”

Cllr Campbell acknowledged it wasn’t just Kelty, with concerns about speeding in a number of communities.

He said: “I’m asking questions about this as so many people see cars speed through the so-called speed humps as if they weren’t there. We need a review of the effectiveness of the council approach to slowing traffic.”

Phil Clarke, lead consultant in traffic management, said: “The Kelty Main Street 20mph speed limit is a project that has been approved by members of Cowdenbeath Area Committee as part of the 2018/19 Area Roads Programme.

“As a member of the area committee, Cllr Campbell is aware of the process and timescale involved. “This will be implemented once the required Traffic Regulation Orders have been promoted and approved by committee members and the required works programmed.

“Speed limit enforcement is the responsibility of Police Scotland and anyone witnessing speeding traffic should report this to the police by phoning 101.

“Traffic calming measures are considered when there is a general problem of speeding identified. “Measures are provided in accordance with national guidance and should be most appropriate for the road type and the traffic using it.

“These are designed to encourage drivers to comply with the speed limit and we regularly monitor the effectiveness of such schemes.

“Fife Council’s proven track record in road safety is clear evidence of the effectiveness of engineering interventions on Fife’s road network.