RICHARD Jobson is set to launch his ‘love letter’ to his hero David Bowie in Dunfermline next week.

The Skids frontman’s new novel The Speed of Life pays tribute to the legendary singer, who passed away in January 2016 at the age of 69.

Jobson previously told the Press that the book explores the theme of creation and sensuality through the eyes of two aliens, who discover Bowie’s work through a satellite which crashes on their planet.

They arrive on earth in search of him and the source of creativity and sensuality which they lack in their lives.

The Speed of Life will be launched at Fire Station Creative on Sunday, May 20 and features key stages in Bowie’s career, from the Hammersmith Odeon in London to Los Angeles, Berlin and New York.

Jobson said that his life wouldn’t have been the same without the star’s music and the manner in which he approached life.

“You always thought of him as being immortal in many ways,” he commented.

“It’s hard to think that he’s gone, really. I still listen to his music every day. I discovered him when I was very young, and I was already different to other kids in the area through my medical condition, epilepsy.

“It wasn’t easy to be different then. Everyone else chose traditional paths (working in the docks or joining the army), whereas I chose not to.

“I understood without really understanding that Bowie always said that it was OK to be different, and to be slightly alienated from normal aspects of life.

“I wanted my two central characters to be as if they could’ve been created in the head of David Bowie. They’re very romantic characters and lovers.

“My work is sometimes quite nihilistic and violent, but this isn’t. This is a love letter to him.”

The book launch follows on from an exhibition about The Skids, which is currently on display in the Dunfermline Carnegie Library & Galleries.

It celebrates the 40th year of the band and there will also be a Skids Convention at various venues in Dunfermline on the weekend of May 19 and 20.