A DUNFERMLINE gymnast has landed the starring role in the first ever operetta production of the ‘Tumbling Lassie’.

The new production, based on an historic 17th century court case, was written by bestselling author Alexander McCall Smith and musician Tom Cunningham as part of an initiative to raise money for anti-slavery charities.

It was performed at a fundraising event at Prestonfield House in Edinburgh last month and it’s hoped the musical will tour later in the year.

Not only did Jasmine Parris, 12, land the leading role as the ‘Tumbling Lassie’ but her younger sister Melisa has been chosen as her understudy.

Both sisters compete for Acrobay Gymnastics Club and have represented Scotland on several occasions. Mum Emma said: “I am extremely proud and it’s been an amazing opportunity to do something like this at their age.

“It all started off for a worthwhile cause too but we’re hoping to find out soon when the next performances will be. The girls have been part of Acrobay for a few years now. They are talented dancers and started dancing when they were just toddlers.

“They went to try out for the gymnastics club to develop their skills but within a few weeks they were asked if they would compete for the club.

“They’re very busy girls with all their training and I’m really proud of their commitment and work they put in.”

The Tumbling Lassie story is based on a legal case from 1687, when a judge in Edinburgh dismissed a claim that a showman owned a little girl, a gymnast known only as “the tumbling lassie”.

The official report of the Court of Session case stated: “But we have no slaves in Scotland, and mothers cannot sell their bairns.”

The Tumbling Lassie Committee in Edinburgh still celebrate the hallmark case and raise money at their annual ball for anti-slavery charities.