YOUNGSTERS from Dalgety Bay Primary School were busy getting to grips with the 3Rs this week – but not the traditional reading, writing and ‘rithmetic!

The message was Reduce, Reuse and Recycle when the team from Donibristle Skip Hire and Recycling popped in for a visit.

The firm has already been to North Queensferry, Inverkeithing and Donibristle primaries in the hope of encouraging the youngsters to make little changes in the way they get rid of their rubbish. 

Employee Dave Allan said they chatted to the pupils and showed them a David Attenborough video highlighting the effect plastic pollution is having on the world’s eco system and oceans.

They then took part in an outdoor exercise to highlight what items can be recycled before the children received a ‘Recycling Proficiency’ certificate and a reusable water bottle.

“It was great,” said Dave. “Some of them could have taught me a thing or two!

“A lot of primary schools are gearing up for their John Muir award which involves bits about eco systems so we are hoping they can take some of the information we have spoken to them about and adapt it to what they are about to do.

“It was just really getting them to think about what they are putting in their rubbish.

"Every household has recycling bins now and a lot of schools do but, we want them to think about what they do when they are at places like the park and think about putting their rubbish in the right place.”