A PET dog had to be put down after it was neglected by its owner and removed by animal welfare officers.

In the dock at Dunfermline Sheriff Court for sentencing was Allison Girdwood, 60, of Craigflower Gardens, Torryburn.

She was fined and banned from keeping dogs for three years.

Girdwood previously admitted that between June 31 and October 31 last year at her home, being the person responsible for an animal, she caused a dog named Bracken unnecessary suffering.

She failed to provide adequate care and treatment and failed to obtain veterinary advice and treatment for the dog, which was suffering from poor body condition and chronic health conditions.

These included skin conditions, overgrown nails, ear conditions, eye conditions, dental disease and a tumour.

Depute fiscal Claire Kennedy previously told the court that the SSPCA had attended at Girdwood’s home following a report of neglect by a member of the public.

The dog, a Cocker Spaniel, was removed and taken to a veterinary clinic in Livingston.

Defence solicitor Roshni Joshi said: “It’s an unfortunate case and she is a woman who is a first offender at the age of 60.

“She has been quite clear that she simply made a grave mistake. She also had a cat and the SSPCA had no concerns with its condition.

“However, she made the decision to sign over the cat.

“The dog had put on weight and was still eating. She was perhaps in denial about the dog’s illness.

“This has been a very severe lesson in finding herself in court. She accepts her inaction has led to the situation she is in.”

Sheriff Charles MacNair said: “Having pets is a very fulfilling and worthwhile activity but with the benefits, comes a heavy responsibility.

“A dog can’t take himself to the vet when he’s ill. He relies entirely on his owner. You failed over a significant length of time to arrange for the care of Bracken and as a result he was in such a condition that he had to be put down.”

The sheriff imposed a £400 fine and disqualified Girdwood from keeping a dog for three years.