BODY cameras will be trialled at West Fife recycling centres as staff receive abuse from angry customers.

The introduction of a lunchtime closure from 12 to 12.45pm has forced drivers to sit in long queues as they wait to get in.

Workers at the Dalgety Bay facility on Ridge Way have received threats from recyclers over the recent changes to opening hours.

The site is also now closed on Wednesdays and Fridays.

Robin Baird, chief operating officer of Fife Resource Solutions (FRS), said: “Over the last few weeks, we have introduced major changes to the opening hours of our recycling centres which includes closing for a period during lunchtime.

"We expect that each site will be busier than usual until the new arrangements are bedded in and we appreciate the patience of residents during this time.”

Fife Council approved plans last year to fit staff with body cameras – at a cost of £20,000 – to challenge businesses believed to be abusing the system and dumping illegally. They could also now be used to record abuse that they receive.

Mr Baird added: “The use of body cams is part of a wider project to reduce misuse of recycling centres by commercial customers. This was approved by councillors last year.

"We will trial the use of a camera and get customer and staff feedback before considering wider use across our facilities.”

Allan Barr, who uses the Dalgety Bay centre regularly, was shocked to hear from a worker at the site the language and threats he had been subjected to following the lunchtime break being implemented.

He said: “He told me that I wouldn’t believe the names and words that had been shouted at him.

“Cars are parking on both sides of the road on double yellow lines waiting to use the centre and it’s causing long tailbacks and people are getting angry.

"If you’ve got a full load of rubbish in your car waiting to be recycled, you aren’t going to turn back and come back on another day. You want to get it all done there and then. I spoke to FRS about this and they say they haven’t received any complaints about this. I find that hard to believe.

"I just don’t understand why this break has been done this way. It’s not a cost-cutting measure, as staff are already on site.

“Why not have them rotate when they take their lunches so there’s always staff available? That makes sense doesn’t it?”