A FED-UP Dunfermline business owner has sent a bill to Fife Council as he claims their lack of action to stop people parking in front of his driveway has led to him losing around £7,000.

Richard Niedzialek said he suffers constant problems from Woodmill High School parents at drop-off and pick-up times.

The painter and decorator says he is unable to get out of his Shields Road home regularly and has even faced abuse from drivers when he has asked them to move.

He claims he is losing business because of the situation and that motorists have even left bad reviews for his business as a result of the bad feeling.

“At the same time of morning, between 8.30am and 8.45am, I am starting work and they are blocking my driveway and at 3pm, it is the same,” he told the Press.

“I am asking, can you move your car, and a man started jumping for me and coming for my property. 

“My daughter is sitting in the van to go to school and they start shouting and swearing. Everyone in the street has a problem.”

Mr Niedzialek has been in touch with Fife Council’s transportation department in an effort to get something done and has even sent them an invoice for lost earnings.

“They say it is not their responsibility. They said phone 101. Everyone is washing their hands of it. There is plenty of space in the school for parking.

“One woman gave me a bad review. I have sent an invoice to the council for £7,000 for my losses. The school says it is doing everything it can.

"I have lost customers – a guy put on a bad review and for the next two weeks, I am quiet. If the council cannot do anything, I am going to block the council. I will make my protest.”

“There has got to be more to encourage pupils to take alternative forms of transport whether that is school buses or walking to school.”

Woodmill High rector Sandy McIntosh promised to remind parents and carers to park considerately and drive responsibly around the school.

“We actively work with the travel planning team to develop plans to reduce parking around schools by promoting walking and cycling,” he said.

“The problems faced come from inconsiderate parking by just a few people, and we urge these people to seriously consider the impact they’re having.”

Inspector Ian Flynn, from Dunfermline Police Station, said officers would continue to give the area attention and liaise with the school.

Local ward officers continue to patrol at the start and finish of the school day and Woodmill High School is included in their patrol matrix,” he said.

“Whilst there has been the occasional issue near to Woodmill High School, it has not been seen to be excessive or inconsiderate.”