A ROSYTH woman had a Saturday night she’ll never forget when she delivered her sister-in-law’s baby in a car outside her front door!

Milena Biewald, 26, and her husband Andrzej, 30, were heading to the hospital from sister Aldona’s house at Churchill Place but didn’t even get moving before their son started to arrive.

Aldona, 35, a housewife, told the Press: “Milena and Andrzej came to drop off their daughter, Vanessa, from Inverkeithing because she was having pains.

“But they didn’t get very far because she needed to push as soon as they were about to set off!

“I grabbed two passers-by, Liz and Derek, and told them to ring for an ambulance.

“We couldn’t even get her in the house because the baby was coming that quickly!”

While Liz and Derek were on the phone, NHS staff talked Aldona through the whole delivery.

Maksymilian Biewald was born at 5.45pm on May 12, weighing 8lbs and arrived before an ambulance could even get to the scene.

Aldona continued: “It may have been a quick birth but for me if felt like a long time!

“I just tried to keep calm and did what I needed to do but it was scary!

“The medical staff were very congratulatory and said I should think about becoming a midwife.

“I would do it again if I it was needed but maybe not in a car!”

Although time seemed to stop for Aldona as she dealt with the most bizarre situation, the whole thing was a bit of a blur for mum Milena.

She said: “It went very fast for me!

“I first started having contractions at 4pm and less than two hours later my baby was here!

“My husband was away for only two minutes to drop off our daughter at Aldona’s and when he came back I said it’s coming already!

“He couldn’t believe it and said it’s not possible and I said it is – look!

“I don’t remember much – it wasn’t until after that Aldona explained what had happened and that some people had called an ambulance.”

Maksymilian’s quick arrival came as a bit of a shock to Milena following her long birth with three-year-old daughter Vanessa.

“It was a bit of a difference to my first child as I was in labour for eight hours with her!” she added.

“I was worried there might be complications but the midwife told me Maksymilian is perfect.

“We’ll be sure to tell him all about his arrival into the world in a car when he’s older!”