DISAPPOINTED youngsters at Touch Primary had their school sports day cancelled on Thursday after it was deemed the grass was too wet for it to go ahead.

One parent contacted the Press to share their dismay that the traditional event did not go ahead as planned at Woodmill High’s playing fields after days of glorious sunshine in West Fife.

Parents were told that the “grass was a bit wet” and he blasted: “This sort of risk-averse mollycoddling is pitiful.”

However, headteacher Katrina Miller said they were forced to cancel after overnight rain and mist meant the surface underfoot was too slippy.

“We understand the disappointment and spent time with our children talking about why we made that decision,” she said. “We were well equipped to cope with damp grass. However, when we checked the playing field in the morning the freshlycut grass was unfortunately very wet and slippy from the overnight rain and mist.

“The forecast predicated this continuing for the period of the sports. It would have been unsafe for the children to participate in races in these conditions.

“We also had to really think through children sitting on a wet tarpaulin for possibly three hours. We will consult with our parents, pupils and staff to see if they would like to consider running a sports event of some sort in our own playground next year.