FED-UP Halbeath families met Fife Council officers last week to demand action on litter, abandoned trolleys and derelict buildings.

Mark Sherry, 65, of Lynburn Crescent, said the local authority promised they would speak to the Asda Halbeath general manager, make sure that grass and trees were getting cut and speak to transport colleagues to see if a crossing could be made available to get to Fife Leisure Park.

Mr Sherry first spoke to the Press in February after becoming increasingly frustrated, believing the village has been forgotten about.

He said: “The officers could see for themselves the issues we are facing.

“The litter coming from McDonald’s and KFC customers is disgusting. I am not saying it’s their fault (the businesses), but people are bringing their litter through Halbeath at all hours of the day and it’s because they are there that we are experiencing this. They should be contributing to community grants to make up for the inconvenience and show they are good neighbours.

“When the officers arrived, we pointed out about 10 to 12 trolleys that were just lying on the main road. Asda just don’t seem to be bothered.”

The residents also appealed to the council about a lack of pedestrian access to the leisure centre saying the dual carriageway was boy-racer territory.

“I feel like we’ve done this all before," Mr Sherry added. "We get these promises that something will be done, and it’s forgotten about. However, this time officers actually came out to see us so maybe it will be different.”

The former Fod Arms has also been a cause for concern for residents after being empty since November 2006 after a fire.

Planning permission was granted in September 2015 to applicants Messrs Private Pension Yeoman McAllister & Hornbuckle Mitchell Trustees Ltd, of Edinburgh, to knock down the premises and build five retail units but no movement has yet been made there.

Mr Sherry criticised Asda for not doing enough to collect abandoned trolleys in Halbeath.

“I simply don’t know how they can afford to have so many trolleys off their site – it’s just ridiculous. They need to do more. I’ve seen in Kirkcaldy they have a mechanism on the ground that locks wheels around the boundary of their site so you can’t take them away – why can’t they do that here? All they want is people spending money in their shop.”

Asda Halbeath customer trading manager Iain Harker said: “We urge customers to think of others when using our trolleys and return them to store but if you do spot a trolley where it shouldn’t be then please call our store or Trolleywise to have it collected.”