THERE are plans to build a care home, health centre and retirement housing on fields in Kelty.

The proposals from William Thomson & Son, who own Hilton Farm on the outskirts of the village, also include affordable homes, community allotment gardens and open space, as well as associated roads and landscaping.

The site is to the north of Seafar Drive and south of Black Road and a proposal of application notice has been submitted to Fife Council.

This gives the applicant a 12-week consultation period before a full planning application can be tabled, with local residents set to be asked for their views.

Fred Clark, from Kelty Community Council, said: “It is very early days and we haven’t discussed it yet as we only recently received a letter and our next meeting, because of the summer recess, is not until August.

“The land is open fields at the moment and it’s the second time something like this has cropped up.

“Before the Seafar Drive scheme was considered, someone wanted to do a similar development on this site but for various reasons it didn’t go ahead.

“The main problem we see is if it’s a care home, by its very nature it’s going to have people that are not very mobile.

“Transport links would be very important for a site up there on the edge of Kelty, there’d be no point if people can’t get into the village or have to depend on other transport.”

Mr Clark added: “That’s just an initial reaction.

“Kelty aside, there’s always a need for good, well-run care homes as the population is getting older and people do tend to live further away from their families these days.”