COULD this be Scotland’s youngest beekeeper? If not, then Jasper Main is certainly the cutest!

At just three-years-old, Jasper, from Pitcorthie, helps his dad tend to their bees every weekend and has no fear at all of working with the insects.

Dad Ross started keeping bees after his grandad passed on his hive a couple of years ago.

Mum Lauriie said Jasper was desperate to help but they couldn’t find a beekeeping suit small enough for him until he was two-and-a-half!

She told the Press: “He absolutely loves it!

“When his dad goes without him Jasper’s not impressed!

“He can tell you all about bees and why they’re so important for our environment. He just takes it on himself as to what to do – he doesn’t need telling.”

Jasper has seemed to have mastered the art of beekeeping before he can even read and write or before he’s even started nursery.

Lauriie contacted the Press after seeing an article elsewhere recently that asked if a six-year-old girl was the youngest beekeeper in Scotland.

“If Jasper isn’t then he is got to be one of the youngest!” she said.

“When we got his suit from a shop in Newburgh they were quite shocked at how young he was.

“It’s a lovely thing for a father and son to do together. They also jar the honey and pass on to family and friends, so Jasper knows the whole process.

“It’s definitely not my cup of tea – I stay well back so it’s great he’s got no fear of the bees!

“I can’t imagine anyone younger than him doing this.”