LABOUR MSP Alex Rowley has urged the Scottish Government to deliver on promises to deliver a brand-new, state-of-the-art college for West Fife.

The Mid Scotland and Fife representative has renewed his call for funding which will provide the campus he says is required.

Both the Scottish Government and Fife College told the Press this week that there was no update on a funding decision for the new facility.

Mr Rowley said: “In terms of the college, given the need to honour the commitment they made in 2014, they made a commitment to Dunfermline and Falkirk and they need to honour the Dunfermline commitment.

"We need a state-of-the-art college – we have got to look at higher education and further education.

“This is complete nonsense and would be a betrayal of the people of Fife if we ended up with a super campus. We need things to start moving.

“If there is then a decision about a joint campus for Dunfermline schools, that is another discussion but the college needs to be removed from that. The Government must honour the promises that it made.

“We have had SNP politicians standing outside St Columba’s saying we are going to replace these schools.

"They made promise after promise with regard to the college and the schools and and it is time they were held to account and asked to deliver.”

Fife College have planning permission for a new campus for 6,000 students at the Shepherd Offshore site at Halbeath, which they aim to open in the summer of 2019.

Back in March, the Press reported that the new £90 million campus in Dunfermline could be delayed by at least four years until 2023.

Principal Hugh Hall called on the Scottish Government to “do the right thing” and resolve the financial impasse, expressing major concerns about the ‘hub’ funding route they were being encouraged to take.

His comments came after the Scottish Funding Council announced its indicative funding allocations for 2018/19 in which there was no money for Fife College.

The Scottish Government said that a change of EU accounting rules meant the original financing model proposed had to be ruled out and, despite this, they were “determined to ensure all involved work together to support all viable options” to ensure the best possible education facilities in Fife.