A sheriff has warned a Dunfermline man that he could be going to prison for a substantial amount of time after smearing faeces around his cell at Dunfermline Police Station.

James Doherty, 55, of Fodbank View, also appeared at Dunfermline Sheriff Court because of several breaches of court orders.

He previously admitted that being an accused person and being granted bail on January 22, and subject to the condition that he must remain within his bail address each day between 7pm and 7am, on March 27, April 5 and April 12, he did fail without reasonable excuse to comply with said condition and was out of his bail address out with those hours.

Also, on January 20 at Dunfermline Police Station, Holyrood Place, he did maliciously smear the walls and floor of a cell with faeces.

Defence solicitor Alexander Flett explained that social workers were currently carrying out assessments on Doherty to decide whether he was capable of taking care of himself.

Sheriff Craig McSherry agreed to defer sentence for three months to await the outcome of reports but warned Doherty he could potentially be going to custody for a lengthy period.

Sentence was deferred until October 3.