VIRGIN Media are set to deliver an ultrafast broadband boost to 4,200 homes and businesses in Dunfermline.

The expansion in the Headwell and Beveridgewell areas of the town will see speeds 16 times faster than the local average offered to customers.

A drop-in community information event is to be held between 4pm and 6pm at Baldrigeburn Community Centre today (Monday).

The event will give residents the chance to ask questions and raise any concerns they may have.

As part of Virgin Media's network expansion programme, Project Lightning is set to bring speeds of up to 350Mpbs to locals, with the work expected to be completed by the end of this year.

Dunfermline's current average download speed is 21.5Mbps.

Cllr Helen Law, convener of the City of Dunfermline area committee, said: "This is positive news for Dunfermline. Thanks to further investment another 4,200 homes and businesses will receive fibre in the area.

"Whatever you do online can be done even better with fibre. With the rise of online services, good connectivity is essential as it allows businesses and homes to make the most of the internet.

"We are committed to a Fairer Fife that is ambitious, connected and empowered – increase availability of broadband is helping local people be better connected online.”

Virgin Media have said that they will use "narrow trenching techniques" to ensure the build causes minimum waste and local disruption.

In March last year, the Press reported Duloch homeowners had hit out at Virgin Media for their workmanship as they installed fibre optic cables in the area.

One Fieldfare View resident contacted the Press and stated that, "our community pathways and roads have been ripped up, destroyed and reinstated with the poorest level of workmanship I have ever seen."