Limekilns looked like it had one heck of a party last week!

Local Sue Hamilton found an impressive number of bottles all neatly stacked up next to the recycling bins at the Pier on Friday and was baffled to see that none of the area had been vandalised. 

Worried by the huge amount of glass lying by the Pier just before the weekend, Sue tried to get in contact with Fife Council on Friday but felt like she was getting nowhere. 

However, she told the Press the authority redeemed itself when staff came to clean it up on Saturday. 

Sue, secretary of Charlestown, Limekilns and Pattiesmuir Community Council, said: "When I saw the scene I just thought how crazy and ridiculous it was! 

"We've never had problems before with collections, it had obviously just been building up. 

"I found it quite funny that everyone's bottles were stacked ever so neatly - it was quite impressive.  

"Normally there's lots of problems with fly tipping by bins but in this case, people look like they're trying their best to recycle. 

"I was bit worried that there was an accident waiting to happen if the council were going to leave it like that all weekend. 

"But thankfully they redeemed themselves. 

"I'm personally going to give them a call for doing a great job."