A HIGH VALLEYFIELD singer will take to the stage later this month for a charity gig close to her heart.

Lesley-Ann Clubb is one of the featured artists taking part in the Make Noise For Mental Health concert at Lourenzos and, after suffering her own battle for many years, is keen to help others.

As part of her journey, the 36-year-old spent almost a full year in Queen Margaret Hospital's ward two under a treatment order after diagnosis for a schizoaffective disorder.

"I still have difficulties dealing with it," she told the Press. "I still get upset about the events that led to me being admitted to hospital. I get upset about the way I was treated in the ward.

"It is over 10 years since I was diagnosed and it is still quite raw to this day. I sometimes struggle. I was put into ward two for the first time in 2007 and all my dreams were killed. I didn't realise I could build myself up again."

Despite such hard times, Lesley-Ann has battled on and music has been a major contributor to her recovery.

"I have played for many years, since I was about seven, but because I have had problems with my mental health, it has set me back from following the career I wanted, which was to be a singer-songwriter and to record and play gigs.

"Music gives me a buzz – I am like a woman obsessed with my music. Because I have got music, that keeps me going. Music has done it the whole time. Obviously your family and things support you as well but when it comes down to it, I have always listened to music and I have always played music."

When Lesley-Ann heard about the Lourenzos gig on July 15, she was keen to get involved and give something back to charity SAMH, who have played a part in her getting back to performing.

"I had been helped by SAMH – I did a course which got me into college and got my confidence back," she explained.

Over the last few months, Lesley-Ann has featured in several local gigs and is hoping that she will be able to help other people who are struggling.

"What I do is mainly acoustic stuff – if you are a solo artist, that is what you do. I have a song called Out of the Valley which is on iTunes and other platforms. I originally put it up for my family and friends but as it developed, I realised I should be pushing it a bit more and making a bit more of a deal.

"I played Valleyfield Club because I am on the committee of that. They allowed me to do a couple of things in the lounge just to build my confidence a bit more and I played the Fresh Air Festival in Dunfermline.

"I am currently in talks with Bragg Enterprise about writing my own business plan to start up my own record label as a social enterprise. The way it would work is it would benefit people who are struggling with mental health issues. There is evidence that music and the arts in general are really good for mental health and I want to encourage that."

Doors open for the Make Noise for Mental Health concert – which also features Joe MacFarlane, Amy Lou, Keava, Trading Glances, Andrew Johnson, Liam Middleton & Ryan Beggs and Underneath the Lights at 4.30pm and entry is £5.